…(Nearly) two years later

I’m not entirely sure what happened.

Maybe I fell off the face of the earth.

Maybe it’s because I moved to London and got too stressed out, too pre-occupied with trying to SHOVE ALL OF LIFE IN to the teeny-weeny waking hours that I forgot to write. And you know what happens when I don’t write? I get the TWITCHES.

Twitchy like a time-bomb.




It wasn’t a big boom. Not a ‘oh great, look at the mess you’ve made, Nora, go and fetch the paperwork, and bring me a new pencil while you’re at it- this is going to take a while’ kind of boom. More like an already squidged balloon having the air osmosseying out of its soft shell to go the party next door.

Well anyway. I didn’t blog. And life just kept sorta happening. So I shall do some explaining. (And then maybe I’ll go back and fill it all in and pretend that I didn’t slack off for the better part of my early twenties.)

  1. I got a job at the BBC. At Television Centre. In entertainment and post production.
  2. I moved to London so I could walk to said job at Television Centre.
  4. I made some pretty awesome friends. Yay friends.
  5. My contract ended at Beeb so I started working at the Discovery Channel and its sister channels (Animal Planet, Quest, TLC etc etc).
  6. Realised that most people in this industry are pretty damn bonkers.
  7. Realised that I should really have realised this before now.
  8. Wrote a comedy screenplay pilot as a bet (against my Producer who thought I couldn’t bosh it out so quickly.)
  9. Signed up to a reading challenge.
  10. Realised that pledging to read 110 books by the end of 2014 probably wasn’t a realistic target.
  11. Thought, SOD IT, I’m gunna do it anyway.

There are probably other things. I suppose I shall remember them.

Here’s to a new start.

A new blogging start.

With actual blogs.



HannARGH x






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