And so she started working in telly.

Seven months. SEVEN months since I’ve last updated my blog.


Sorry gang.

Shortly after writing the last “waaahhh I feel so sorry for myself” update I got a job. I know right?! Like a paid one and everything. Well I say job, officially it was an internship but I count it as a job because it was: A) paid and B) They always need someone doing the stuff I was doing. WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM.


The internship was at MTV whose UK offices are based in London. So for me the distance was perfectly commutable. By gum, when it’s nearly two hours door to door it does wear you out.


So, I hear you cry, how did I get said job at MTV? Well my dear readers, after everyone telling you that you need to know someone who knows someone (did anyone see BBC 4’s Tales of Television Centre?!) I started to get a bit angsty. As the first one in my family to go down the media route and my parents being socially awkward creatures I had absolutely zero contacts in the industry. (Apart from a few older friends who had just started to grapple around on the ladder- so perhaps not entirely zero…) Since well before graduation in the summer of last year I’d lost count of the amount of the online applications I had filled in. They are absolutely SOUL DESTROYING. You can easily spend hours (or days in a few cases) stressing, trying to get your answer perfect, ticking all those required boxes. But it was one of those blasted online applications that got me an interview and then, good lord, a staff pass, a desk and an edit station at MTV Networks.


My internship was for six months pretty much working as a production assistant on co-branded and promotional stuff that went on air on MTV and Nickelodeon. But because I was keen, gobby and got on with the freelance editors who wafted in and out of the MTV doors I got to wrestle with tape desks, sweet talk video librarians, and complete rough cuts. I had a great time working with a team of absolute characters (pretty sure I could create cartoons from their personalities they are that barmy). I also got trained up as a production co-ordinator to cover a member of my team who was having to cover my production manager. OOH YEAH. Give me a pencil, a telephone and a diary any day. Hectic and exhausting but I think journalism training definitely were my arm-bands in being chucked in at the deep end fiasco. I did not drown. I live to witter on about it.

Then that six months of being a MTV minion led to a month of freelance work, again as a production assistant.

Now I’ve had a about month off from MTV; in which time I managed to fracture my elbow (no typing for MOI- clever I know), work with Nickelodeon at Comic Con (and pretend I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for the day), and backpack around Ireland (yes, yes I’ll explain that later).


That is a teeney tiny nutshell of what’s been happening in Hannargh land since October. I can’t really write a blog post that will give my experience justice. It was epically fun, absolutely exhausting, sometimes emotionally draining, and I loved it.


Here’s to working in TV! Long may it continue.


Hannargh out x


P.s. freelancing is kinda TERRIFYING.

P.p.s Actually turning down work because you can’t be in two or three places at once is horrible- especially if it’s something you’d LOVE to do. It happened. I mourned.

P.p.p.s promise to write more.


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