Out of the loop

Once upon  a time I was whinging (no surprises there) about having a smart phone and being constantly ‘wired in’.

Now I don’t have my HTC Wildfire….(some git stole it) and


My gosh- it is so annoying to have to wander to a computer to update my Twitter and check my three email accounts. Not to mention no news apps (near tragic), maps Satnav (relatively tragic), no phone, no texts (both very tragic) and ……wait for it……….no facebook (EPIC TRAGEDY).

I feel WEAK and out of the loop- at a time when I very much need to be in the loop.

My last broadcast as News Editor for LSTV is this Wednesday and trying to organise crew is a faff without a personal phone. Good thing the newsroom phones are free….not that I know anyone’s numbers. GAH. That’s not even considering the photos and videos I had on there (hundreds) that hadn’t been uploaded.

ahhhhh and my precious journo contacts….    *weeps* (of which I have about 3)


Moral of the story is: Do not whinge about having a fancy phone that does lots of stuff- even if it occasionally freezes, crashes and you want to hurl it into the nearest bonfire.

R.I.P mobily. I hope whoever has you now contracts a nasty case of herpes. Swine.

An miffed HannARGH x


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