Hyde Park Conference

Dear wordpress watchers,

Today, I had a productive day. <– this is a great achievement. Lots of fidldy little chores were completed. Hurrah!

Started the day off by attending the Hyde Park Conference at the Cardigan Centre in Leeds. I went as press really- not intending to get involved with the debates and discussions that local residents and other members of the community-including Councillors- would start. Police officers, residents, students, land lords, and members of the council were there picking up on issues like bin collections, ‘youth noise’ (<- *yells* whatever that is)  parking, graffiti and of course the plans for Royal Park School.

I was seduced by mini post-it-notes, stickers and red marker pens.

Lots of talk about Twitter actually….yet again microblogging seems like the answer to reach out to the student population.


Ears to the ground.

Eyes open.

Notebook in hand.

From left: local resident, Sarah Purdue: Little Woodhouse Community Rep. at Leeds University, Councillor Gerry Harper (Labour, Hyde Park and Woodhouse)

Hats off for police attendance


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