Union exec debate

So I had wandered into the our Union to grab some lunch before heading to a much needed hot date with the library. EURGH

Of  COURSE I hadn’t forgotten that the elections debate for a new union exec was going on. ¬_¬ totally hadn’t forgotten….

Got roped into a bit of camera work, which was all dandy. Seeing as I was meant to be helping out with the live broadcast anyway. Ahh avoidance of the dreaded essay.  So here are a few snaps.




The candidates for Education Officer battle it out to questions from the audience and those who had tweeted through.

This and holding our own AGM at LSTV to decide our new committee has got me feeling a tad nostalgic. I won’t be ambling around campus next year. Weird, feels like I’ve only just got comfortable at university; doing the things I am in my spare time, surrounding myself with the right people. But ah well.

Soon to the real world.


Definitely not panicking…….oh no.

HannARGH (who’s totally not panicking) x


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