This video I made… it’s pretty?

Hard-hitting documentary with MPs spilling their guts, children crying, gun-man on the loose, EXPLOSIONS, FIRE, DEATH, it is not.
Nah. Just a oooh-looky- I’ve-found-the-manual-focus-button style video to the sweet, sweet Temper Trap.

The subject: Roundhay Park, Leeds
The hour: too blooming early
The victim: my poor tripod. R.I.P
The result: something that could have a tighter edit if I’m honest. But that only comes with reflection.

I should go and visit my tree again.
And not wade into a river and be slightly worried about the mud that seems to be tumbling very quickly in my direction. Old Mr Riskassessment would have turned in his grave.

HannARGH x


2 thoughts on “This video I made… it’s pretty?

  1. That’s really nicely done! I vote don’t sod it all! But if you do, I would love to share a tree house with you xx

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