Student telly for The National Student Television Awards

So at Leeds University there’s this not-so-little little student T.V station called LSTV tucked away in a corner of the union. (whack on the tab up the top to take a look)


Just because we can.

Moi being the news editor for The Essential, the weekly news show.
We’ve all been editing like made for the last two+ weeks in preparation for  The National Student Television Awards in April. We’ve been pulling in some seriously long shifts, (think 9am-1am), wrestling with takeaway boxes and trying not to thump the monitor too hard when 99% rendering crashes.  But it’s all fun and frolocks now because…….IT’S DONE. It’s in. That’s it.  BAM.

Everything has been shipped off to Loughborough where the awards are being held this year.

I’m glad I’m not the only one from the committee and those in charge of individual programmes who can’t wait to: “go home and tidy my room” @xemilyjadex, “clean my bedsheets” @alicesalfield (ew Alice, but totally true) and do a food shop. Friends have joked that I’ve disappeared from the face of the earth. In reality I’ve just been continually buried under a mountain of XLR cables and scribbled notes whilst scouring the system for that ONE clip from that ONE interview which seems to have gone walkies….

Anyway. Life back. Essays to ponder about, libraries to meander around. So proud of the news team (especially) and everyone else that’s made it such a good year. Long may it continue after a teenytinybreak to our broadcasting (so we can tidy our rooms and wash up eversomouldy coffee cups). The news entry is coming soon, (lots seems to be coming soon on this blog….better sort that out sharpish…) but for now enjoy the culmination of our work; the entry for Best Broadcaster.

Best Broadcaster……it’s worth the loading time. Honest.

A frazzled editARGHer (doesn’t quite work does it?) x


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