Going offline

Stupid fandangled thing.


Pretty sure that technology hates me. But then, doesn’t everybody think that?

*whacks phone across the desk*

There is something about having your phone continually on, being constantly updated with push emails, tweets and facebook notifications that is really rather useful. As a student in the ever moving journalism profession I’m expected, encouraged to be constantly searching for stories, sniffing out the next big thing. If not, I’m certainly expected to be reachable 24/7. For the most part I don’t mind. Apps on my phone have proved useful in the past, from news of unrest in Egypt to Twitter squabbles- it’s always telling me things.

So when my ‘smart’ phone packs in, and freezes it’s really rather annoying and at the same time kind of liberating….

I’ve said before that I want to  bury my phone in the ground, plant a tree on top of it and wander away. I think that’ll be my mid-life crisis. To wander off somewhere, leaving my phone somewhere to alert nobody and tell not one soul where I’ve gone. So long amigos. That’s the dream one day anyway. Pack a book, a toothbrush and turn up an airport and head off somewhere, anywhere.

For now I’ll just shake my mobile and hope that the darned thing unfreezes.

HannARGH x


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