Published on The Guardian

Skip past the Sheffield footage. That was shot by Associated Press. Alongside it is just a tinyweeny snippet of what @katwee@alicesailfield and myself shot (although it’s accredited to our student station) at the Leeds protest against the cut to higher education funding (24/10/10). Personally I think our footage is just as good as AP’s…. *inflates ego a wee bit*.

I’ve edited this footage  many times (amongst a lot of other video), from the Leeds protest, the occupation at the Riley Smith lecutre theatre at Leeds University (can you tell where I study yet?) and of course, the biggie, the Student Demo at Millbank, London (the one where some got a bit smash-happy).

Enjoy. Criticise. etc.

My edits will follow (again) once I’ve nabbed them.

HannARGH x

Guardian Edit.


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