Dance Expose….knickers and all.


Cool. Totally posting from my phone.

I was crouched in front of the stage for half of the show, uselessly holding a cable, “cable bashing”  whilst trying not not get an eyefall of knickers from the girls prancing around above. There was a lot of knicker. Nice bottoms. But a lot of knicker.

Especially from the poor girl that managed to drop her trousers half way through a Bollywood inspired dance.  Whoever said that there wasn’t glamour in telly?

I’ll get some better photos once I can sneakily get a screen shot from the rushes.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one of the LSTV girls who scowled at the Dance Expose girls when they warmed up. The boys were quite content oogling from afar (probably zoomed right in on their respective cameras mind) whilst the rest of us in our crew shirts hauling around tripods and scuttling around dusty floors to tape down cables felt suitably subhuman…

It was a good show though, blah, blah, blah- and it’ll look ace in the edit. Thankfully I was shipped onto sound for the second half, so if there are dodgey mutterings from the audience after the invertal it’ll be my bad.

Will keep you updated when the edit arrives.

A scowly subhuman HannARGH x


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