All about Hannargh


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Hannah is a professional job hunter, she roams around with a rather large net in the hope of catching a career. She currently works as a Freelance Production Assistant and Production Coordinator in TELLY.
Being freelance she is frantically scrambling around for something to do with her life and endless talents.

She has a BA (hons) Broadcast Journalism degree from The University of Leeds. It happens to be accredited by The Broadcast Journalism Training Council. She is rather good at wielding cameras, nattering to people and getting slightly muddy on her quests for good shots. She cannot blow a trumpet to save her own life.

She has had her footage published on the front page of The Guardian‘s website, and broadcast on BBC 2’s Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. She’s been a researcher, camera assistant and general skivvy for BBC News, a minion at MTV Networks as well as having run around frantically for a few other television production companies. She is currently working behind the scenes at Discovery and its sister channels.

Hannah was News Editor for the mulit-award winning LSTV and made lots of shiny news programmes in the name of student television. (LSTV won Best Broadcaster at The Nation Student Television Awards for three years running and Best News in 2009 and 2010.) She is proud to have cooped herself up in their office until far too late on many an occasion.

She loves Children’s television and sherbet lemons a bit too much.

As well as being trained in Video, Radio and writing for Online she has a love for photography- a small portion of which you will be able to see in her Gallery once she has figured this darned website-thingy out.

In her blogs and video diaries she refers to herself as “HannARGH” simply because they are a way for her to release her crankyness.

You will always find her on Twitter warbling on about something mildly interesting, Youtube wittering on about something of no interest at all and LinkedIn trying to impress people.

She yearns for your ratings, slatings (not so much) and waves in her general direction.


2 thoughts on “All about Hannargh

  1. I came across your blog whilst looking for some footage about Roundhay Park. Your home page is so curiously well written and witty that I felt compelled to comment, which I do rarely. I only wish I could offer you a job but sadly I retired from the real world a year ago… still, the future has yet to be written, so who knows?

    Best of luck in your career. Your videos are excellent, and I share your love of Sherbet Lemons (not many people know that)

    • Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!
      I’ve been lucky enough to have had a pretty constant stream of work since getting my first job in telly. Fingers crossed for the next contract.
      I hope you’re enjoying your retirement and have the time to scoff an inordinate amount of lemon-like sherbet things.

      H x

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